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Aukos design and supply top quality fine Costume & Fashion Jewellery, which are specifically and uniquely designed mainly for Australians with carefully selected semi-precious stones and other genuine components, every piece is individually hand crafted by professionals.

Aukos is committed with highest standard quality. Our professional team is dedicated to look after every single component on Aukos branded jewellery directly through manufacturing processes to guarantee the extremely high standard quality. All of Aukos branded products are complied with US and European Jewellery Nickel free standards, the metal part of the jewellery is plated with super long lasting gold, silver, cupreous or rhodium.  Aukos is dedicated to delivery luxury appearing but affordable products.

Aukos actively act as the solution provider, we are not just having Aukos extensive  jewellery range, we are also providing customized exclusive designs for the corporate/group's  individual specific requirements, including jewellery, packaging, displaying with great profit margins. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the completed cases we have achieved so far.

Aukos provide high standard service, we are running the support virtually on 24X7 basis to meet your specific needs throughout the world.   Aukos welcome any enquiries through email, phone or fax from you at any time!  We guarantee you will get response in very short time.

Aukos is actively showcasing our latest collections through Australian major trade fairs in various cities.  Today you can shop Aukos branded jewellery and gifts not just in Australia and New Zealand but also in other countries and regions throughout Asia and Pacific.